New Reflections Vinyl Flooring Looks like Real Stone

Let’s face it. Many people love the appearance and status that comes with authentic tile flooring, but we often hear that customers are concerned about the added maintenance and upkeep that stone requires. What does that leave us with? It leaves us with our New Reflections Vinyl Flooring!


reflections vinyl flooring

Sheet vinyl sometimes has a reputation for being “less than stylish,” but vinyl flooring has come a long way, and is quickly becoming more and more popular as technology continues to improve—it looks just like real tile or stone, and is more durable than ever.

It’s no secret that authentic stone floor (like Marble, Slate Floors, etc.) can be quite expensive. However, with new Reflections Vinyl Flooring, you can get the look of stone at the fraction of the cost. And many people will be unable to tell the difference.


Reflections Vinyl Flooring: Real Stone Looks 

A great way to display how sheet vinyl flooring looks like natural stone is by doing a side by side comparison with the visuals. Check out these pictures and compare the ceramic tile look to the stone vinyl look (last one in the slideshow). With advancements in technology, you can get the look and feel of real stone, but with the durability of Vinyl Floors.

Don’t just take our word for it, see for yourself. Reflections Vinyl Flooring offers the look of real stone and pavers in nine styles:

Ancient Soil – This choice’s earthy browns and warm grays help to create a naturally beautiful look.

Banded Agate – A popular choice in tiled looks, Banded Agate’s neutral mixture of white, gray and tan coloring works in almost any décor.

Coastline – Natural stones vary in shapes and sizes, and so does Coastline. Its varying sizes of tiles capture the real feel of natural stone without the hardness and coldness.

Glacier Bay – The grays and neutrals of Glacier Bay can give your room a more inviting and comfortable feel.

Ivory – Large tiles are the latest craze, and so are cool, light colors. Ivory’s subtle texture makes this floor the right base for any décor—it’s elegance at its finest.

Riverbed – Riverbed’s randomly cut stone look interlocks to form a unique, custom floor look—it’s different every time!

Sand Dollar – Talk about unique and one-of-a-kind! Sand Dollar is an intricate pattern of square and rectangular shapes paired with a neutral color palette—your neighbors will be envious.

Sunrise – Sunrise seems like a fitting name when you see the earthy tones and golden hues of terracotta in a subtle checkerboard pattern. You can add warmth to most rooms.

Terra Cotta – The dark, rich tones of Terra Cotta blend with the look of natural stone texture to complement nearly any room.

Burrr! Say Goodbye To Cold Feet!

Have you ever walked across marble or stone floors with bare feet? It’s cold! With Reflections Vinyl Flooring, your feet can rejoice in comfort from the 6-layer construction, including a comfort layer that allows for more underfoot comfort and noise reduction. Leap for joy knowing your feet can enjoy the appearance of real stone with less of a cold feeling—you might even be able to sneak up and scare someone it’s so quiet!


Give Yourself a Break

Real tile or stone flooring requires grout lines.  Instead of worrying about the maintenance of grout lines with your tile flooring, Reflections Vinyl helps eliminates that hassle—you get the look of grout lines without the maintenance.

From your laundry room to your kitchen, you can enjoy the ease of maintenance associated with Sheet Vinyl. Skip the vacuum and go straight to the broom and mop. With a sweep and a mop, your floors can look easily maintained—it can be that simple. Phew! Now that’s a relief!

For some reason, some people might have an adverse reaction to the thought of Vinyl Floors—they might even cringe at the thought. Ok, maybe they’re ok for the bathroom, but for the rest of your home? Yes! New Reflections Vinyl Flooring looks and feels like real stone—so real you might even forget it’s not the real thing.

We are excited about Reflections Vinyl flooring because it is not generic—it looks like real stone! To view samples and see just how real Reflections Vinyl looks, schedule your FREE In-Home Estimate today!

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