What is Indoor/Outdoor Carpet?

As the name implies, indoor/outdoor carpet is a soft surface floor covering that can safely be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s equally at home in a fully outdoor setting like an uncovered porch as it is in a hybrid area like a three-season room.

answering what is Indoor/Outdoor Carpet?
  • A resilient yet comfortable surface that can stand up to the elements
  • Resistant to moisture, mold and mildew, and UV rays
  • Durable synthetic fibers are built to resist fraying, pilling, and shedding

Why Should You Choose Indoor/Outdoor Carpet?

There’s no better way to add an element of comfort and a touch of style to your outdoor spaces than with indoor/outdoor carpeting. Attractive enough for the indoors but durable enough to weather all seasons, these carpets bring the look and feel of a cozy indoor floor to the outdoors. Porch or patio carpet also has practical benefits, with its durable synthetic fibers acting just like an oversized door mat, helping clean off paws and shoes before they reach the door. In an active household, a carpeted outdoor space can lead to a significantly cleaner home.

And while Indoor/outdoor carpet is purpose-built for prolonged exposure to the elements, it doesn’t only have to be used outdoors. It’s a great choice for a three-season sunroom, even one that is never directly exposed to rain, snow, or typical outdoor contaminants. Indoor/outdoor carpet can also be used in basements that are not fully waterproofed. Though some may choose to use a standard Berber carpet in these spaces, a dedicated indoor/outdoor carpet will be a safer bet to ensure resistance against the growth of mold and mildew.

Indoor/Outdoor Carpet features

Your outdoor or three-season spaces may be built for harsh conditions, but having indoor/outdoor carpet installed means they won’t compromise comfort to do so.

  • Adds a splash of color and a softer surface to your patio, porch, or sunroom floors
  • All indoor/outdoor products from Empire® are 100% recyclable and made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles
  • Also, a great choice for areas inside your home, like a mud room, workshop, or basement

How Empire Today® Makes It Easy

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Indoor/Outdoor Carpet FAQs

Although they share some similarities and are often used in the same situations, outdoor carpet and artificial turf are not the same type of flooring material. As the name suggests, artificial turf is meant to closely replicate real grass, with fibers that are longer than outdoor carpet. It also tends to be more prone to showing wear marks and will usually not hold up to long-term use as well as indoor/outdoor carpet.

The outdoor carpeting offered by Empire is built to resist the growth of mold and mildew. If it’s installed as a patio carpet and gets exposed to significant rain and dirt, regularly cleaning the carpet can help further decrease the chance of mold growth.

With fully-stocked warehouses located throughout the country, Empire strives to minimize the wait time between selecting a carpet and having that carpet installed. If the model of outdoor carpeting you’ve chosen is in stock at a local warehouse, we may be able to begin installing it as soon as the very Next Day after your in-home consultation.

The indoor/outdoor carpet from Empire is designed to be water-resistant. This means that it will stand up to regular exposure to water—like typical rain storms, spray from a sprinkler, or wet feet coming from the backyard pool—but should not be used in situations where long-term standing water will occur.

Ready to Have Indoor/Outdoor Carpet Installed on a Patio or in a Sunroom?

Outdoor areas like porches, patios, and sunrooms are an integral part of your living space. If your climate allows, you may spend just as much of your free time in these spaces as you do indoors. So it stands to reason that you might want to add a bit of comfort to your patio or sunroom. If so, it’s hard to imagine a better solution than an indoor/outdoor carpet.

Unlike a simple patio rug, indoor/outdoor carpet is meant to be permanently installed—just like the carpets inside your home. To ensure that your porch or patio carpet looks and performs its best, it’s important to trust a professional carpet installer with the task. Our customers have trusted Empire with tile, wood, and carpet installation for more than 60 years. We continually strive to make the flooring shopping process as simple and stress-free as possible, and that extends to our flooring installation services.

If you’re ready to have outdoor carpeting installed in your home, give us a call or click on any of the “Schedule Now” buttons on this page. Our in-home consultations are completely free and without obligation, and they’re the first step in getting new floors installed in—or outside of—your home.

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