Maple Flooring: Where Beauty, Durability, and Affordability Meet

Maple flooring is among the most popular of all hardwood flooring products on the market today. It’s something of an all-arounder, offering a good mix of style and durability, and a price point that can fit into most flooring budgets.

Although it’s harder than oak hardwood, and therefore tends to be a more durable floor material, maple flooring will usually be more affordable. This is due largely in part to the fact that maple is a quick-growing, domestic wood source, which leads to overall lower costs for the raw lumber. If you’re looking for long-wearing hardwood floors on a budget, maple might be the best choice for you. Maple’s quick lifecycle also makes it an eco-friendly hardwood floor material, and more sustainable than other exotic, slower-growing tree species.

Hardwood Flooring with a Subdued Grain Pattern and Light, Natural Look

Unlike wood types with prominent graining, maple flooring planks are known for having a very subtle grain pattern. In fact, it can sometimes be indistinguishable without closer inspection. Maple is naturally a light-toned wood that unfortunately is notoriously difficult to stain properly. Since the maple flooring staining process often leaves uneven blotches, it’s often recommended to choose an unstained, natural maple floor that has only been given a protective coating. One downside to this is that, while its hardness resists wear, its light color will more easily show dirt and other minor messes that a dark floor might disguise.

Overall, maple floors are considered a good choice for customers who want hardwood flooring in a high-traffic home with an aesthetic that can integrate a light-toned wood. We know that choosing the right floor material can be an ordeal, and we’re here to help. Give us a call or contact us online to speak to a flooring professional from Empire Today® and find out if maple is the best hardwood flooring choice for your home.