Choose Brown Hardwood Floors from Empire Today® For a Look That Never Goes Out of Style

A brown wood floor is like a pair of classic blue jeans or a little black dress: a timeless style that will look great in a variety of settings and never truly goes out of style. While home design seems to change every few years—or even quicker—and the nuances of hardwood floor styles will shift, the classic brown hardwood floor is an aesthetic choice that will last the ages.

Now, “brown” is a broad term that might conjure up images of 1970s rec rooms, bedecked in dark wood paneling and accented with garish shag rugs. But thankfully, that’s not the case. The variation of brown wood floors runs the gamut of tones and grain patterns, offering a wealth of modern options that will complement even the most modern interior design schemes. A dark brown wood floor in a mocha shade makes a stunning foundation for an elegant living room, while mahogany is the classic choice for a sophisticated study. If you’re building an airy farmhouse kitchen, you’ll be better served by lighter shades of brown wood-look flooring, like walnut or maple—perhaps in a wide-plank style.

Sample Brown Hardwood Flooring in the Comfort of Your Own Home

The options for designing around a brown wood floor are nearly infinite, limited only by your imagination. We know it can be difficult trying to choose a color for new wood floors, especially in a showroom that looks nothing like your home. That’s why Empire® is proud to offer our Shop-at-Home experience, where you can get hands-on with hundreds of different samples of flooring right in the rooms where they will be installed. When you can put the samples down next to your walls and your furniture, you’ll be much more certain whether brown wood floors are going to work with your existing style, or if you should opt for something entirely different. And a flooring professional will be there with you to answer all of your questions.