Stone-Look Vinyl Flooring Offers a High-End Look Without the High Price Tag or Maintenance Needs

If you love the upscale appearance of natural stone tile but it’s out of your budget, stone-look vinyl flooring might be the solution for you. The selection of stone-look vinyl flooring available from Empire Today® closely replicates the look of marble, travertine, slate, and other luxurious stone floor materials, all in a product that’s easy to maintain and even more durable than the real thing.

Along with the hefty price tag, real stone surfaces can be easily stained, need to be regularly treated with a special sealant, and can even be damaged by some standard household cleaners. In contrast, stone-look vinyl tiles are a “set it and forget it” flooring that is generally waterproof, resists stains, and can be easily cleaned. That means you’ll get to enjoy the character of a natural stone floor without any of the quirks or concerns.

Get the Look of Marble or Slate in a More Comfortable Flooring Material

In addition to the cost savings and easy maintenance, there’s another good reason to choose stone-look vinyl flooring over the real thing. While a marble floor will look amazing, it can be an uncomfortable choice for high-traffic areas of the home or anywhere you spend a lot of time standing. Although vinyl flooring is also a hard surface, it has a bit of give, which makes for a much more pleasant feel underfoot. Vinyl tiles are also less slippery than natural stone, which is a valuable trait in bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, or anywhere else where moisture buildup or accidental spills are likely to occur. Stone-look vinyl tiles give you the best of both form and function. Shop our selection of vinyl flooring or contact us to learn more about these and other flooring solutions today.