Eco-Friendly Carpet is Better for the Earth—and for Your Home

Eco-friendly carpet is becoming increasingly popular in homes as consumers grow to be more concerned about the quality of not just the Earth’s environment, but also the environment in their own homes. One important characteristic of eco-friendly carpets is their fiber construction. Instead of using raw nylon, polyester, or other synthetic compounds, environmentally-friendly carpets recycle existing materials like old plastic bottles. These carpets help keep a countless amount of waste out of landfills, instead turning it into recycled flooring that looks and feels great.

And choosing eco-friendly carpet won’t be a compromise. You’ll still enjoy comfortable, durable flooring in styles like plush or Berber carpet, along with other fringe benefits from the recycled construction. Many eco-friendly carpets are known for being easy to clean, thanks to the fiber material. Additionally, the recycled materials used are often certified to off-gas minimal volatile organic compounds (VOC) during their lifespan, which means that eco-friendly carpets won’t release harmful chemicals into your home’s atmosphere.

Empire Today® Helps Make the Entire Carpet Shopping Process More Environmentally Friendly

Did you know that when you buy new carpet from Empire®, your eco-friendliness goes beyond just the new flooring material you select? More than a decade ago, we launched a major initiative to help keep old carpet and padding out of landfills and recycle it instead. If it’s a material that can be recycled, our goal is to recycle every last bit of it. In its first year, our initiative kept more than six million pounds of carpet waste out of landfills.