What is Wood Laminate Flooring?

Laminate wood flooring is a durable composite flooring material that convincingly mimics the look of real wood. It’s formed by sandwiching a high-density fiberboard core between a photorealistic image of wood grain and a stable melamine backing. Each plank is then protected by a scratch-resistant topcoat.

answering what is Wood Laminate Flooring?
  • Available in wide variety of wood species, colors, textures, and plank widths to complement any home’s décor
  • Highly durable: laminate wood works to resist most stains, scratches, fading, and overall wear and tear
  • Some laminate options are 100% waterproof

Why Should You Choose Wood Laminate Flooring?

If you’re worried you’ll have to sacrifice style or durability to save money on new floors, wood laminate is an excellent floor material to consider. Having laminate wood flooring installed in your home means you’ll get to enjoy the classic aesthetic of hardwood floors, without the upfront cost or maintenance worries. The laminate wood from Empire® is a “set it and forget it” flooring, needing almost nothing beyond regular cleaning to stay beautiful for many years. It’s resistant to most scratches, stains, wear, and fading, with many water-resistant and even fully waterproof options.

It also offers myriad aesthetic options. Because it uses a photorealistic image to mimic the look of wood, laminate can be created in any stain shade and grain patterns that are found in real wood—while avoiding unpredictable natural disfigurations like knots and burls. Some wood laminate flooring products are even available in distressed, textured, or hand-scraped variants.

Wood Laminate Flooring features

Want the style of wood but not the stress? You can have the best of both worlds with wood laminate floors

  • At eye level, laminate products are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing
  • Many wood laminate products offered by Empire are covered by limited lifetime warranties against wear, stains, fading, and more
  • From wide plank to white oak, all of today’s popular wood floor trends are available in laminate products

How Empire Today® Makes It Easy

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Wood Laminate Flooring FAQs

Yes! One of the great benefits of laminate wood flooring is its maximum versatility. Wood laminate is a great choice for kitchens, bedrooms, and family rooms, but its durability means it can easily go beyond those traditional spaces. It’s also common to install laminate wood in basements and over concrete slab subfloors. Wood laminate can even be installed on stairs

One of the reasons our customers love their wood laminate floors is because they are easy to clean and require a minimum of care to stay looking great. Simply sweep or use a microfiber wiper to remove dust and dry debris, and clean any tougher stains with a damp mop.

Although designed to be a trouble-free, low-maintenance floor, wood laminate can be challenging to install. Any mistakes or improper technique can result in annoying squeaks, buckling, or worse. That’s why it’s best to trust trained, licensed flooring installers to ensure that your laminate wood looks and performs well for the long haul.

Thanks to an extensive network of product warehouses and flooring installers, the vast majority of our installations require minimal lead time. Professional installers can often begin installing new floors the day after your in-home estimate.

Ready to Have New Wood Laminate Floors Installed in Your Home?

While it’s often described as “fake wood flooring”, laminate shouldn’t be considered an inferior floor product. On the contrary, laminate wood floors are well-loved for being a low-maintenance material that helps remove the stresses that other, more delicate flooring types can induce. And choosing Empire when having new wood laminate floors installed means you’ll also be getting a low-stress experience when it comes to shopping and installation. Before even selecting a product, you’ll be saving time, energy, and perhaps most importantly, money. Laminate floors are one of the top bang-for-your-buck flooring options, and Empire’s deep selection means you’ll be able to find something that works with both your design sensibilities and your budget.

And it’s our goal that you’ll remain at ease through the entire process. A flooring professional will meet you on your schedule to discuss laminate wood flooring options, while also giving you a chance to see and feel the potential candidates in your own home. Our rapid turnaround times mean you’ll have a minimal wait before your new wood laminate is installed. In fact, it’s not uncommon for your new floor installation to begin the very day after you decide on a product. And, of course, Empire fully stands behind the products and installation, and we’re always here to help with any post-installation questions you have about floor care or other topics. To take the first step towards having new wood laminate flooring installed, give us a call or click any of the “Schedule Now” buttons on this page.

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