Choose Slip-Resistant Vinyl Flooring for Surer Footing in Damp Environments 

One of the main reasons customers choose vinyl flooring from Empire Today® is because they need a floor that can stand up to moisture, whether it's for a basement that occasionally deals with some seepage or a mudroom where wet boots and coats are left to dry. Whatever the cause, if you have an area in your home that frequently encounters some level of wetness, a feature that should be high on your wish list is a slip-resistant surface. Slip-resistant vinyl flooring uses a surface texture that's specially designed to provide increased traction, even when your flooring is wet.

Having slip-resistant flooring installed is an especially great choice for households with elderly residents, young children, or anyone who is more prone to losing their footing. Even pets can benefit from slip-resistant vinyl floors, which provide more grip than many porcelain or ceramic tile products.

Shop for Vinyl Plank and Vinyl Tile Floors with Slip-Resistant Surfaces

Another one of the great things about the vinyl floor products from Empire® that feature slip resistance is that you don't have to sacrifice style in the name of increased safety. You can find slip-resistant vinyl flooring in varying formats, including both vinyl plank and tile products. And Empire's deep inventory of vinyl flooring means you'll have no shortage of different looks to choose from, spanning multiple colors and including both wood-look and stone-look product lines. Plus, many slip-resistant products integrate the textured surface into the wood or stone visuals of the vinyl floor, making your vinyl floor feel even more like the real thing.