Dark Hardwood Floors Add a Modern Touch to a Timeless Flooring Material

Warm, inviting, elegant. ​​​​​Hardwood flooring gets called many things, but rarely “modern.” That’s because the typical tones of many real wood floors—like rich cherry or honey finishes—tend to evoke an old-fashioned aesthetic. But dark wood floors upend that view, adding an edge and sense of modernity to any living space. Dark wood flooring is the home design version of having your cake and eating it too. You get to enjoy the desirable traits of a classic building material with the sleek look of a more contemporary color palette.

Interested in Dark Wood Floors but Afraid to Commit? We’re Here to Help You Decide

Choosing dark wood floors in shades like deep ebony or onyx can bring a boldness to your interior design that’s usually accomplished with surfaces like tile or stone, while still offering the more welcoming feel of wood. Dark wood flooring is available as either solid hardwood or engineered wood planks, expanding your installation options to just about every room in the house.

And choosing real wood flooring materials safeguards you against evolving style trends. If in a few years, you decide that dark wood doesn’t fit your vibe, you can have your floors sanded and refinished to a lighter color—for significantly less than the cost of entirely new floors. But if dark-colored floors sound like they might be a good fit for your current style goals, contact a hardwood professional from Empire Today® to learn more about the available dark finishes and wood species. With the exclusive Empire® in-home shopping experience, you can audition a wide selection of light and dark wood products right in the rooms where they’ll be installed.