Fade-Resistant Hardwood Flooring Stands up to the Damaging Effects of the Sun’s UV Rays

Homeowners interested in having hardwood flooring installed are usually aware of the common concerns that come along with the material: most real wood floors don’t like moisture, and they have a reputation for being easily scratched. But did you know that another thing to consider is the wood flooring fading from exposure to the sun’s UV (ultraviolet) rays? One of the best ways to avoid worrying about this is to choose a fade-resistant wood flooring product from Empire Today®.

While just about everything—from your home’s flooring to your favorite hoodie—will eventually fade from UV exposure, wood flooring can be more prone to fading because of a few factors. Ultraviolet rays fade things by breaking down the chemical bonds in the paints or dyes that create color. Wood is a relatively soft material, and wood stain doesn’t penetrate very deeply. This combination of traits means that if your floor is not made with fade-resistant wood, it can fade quicker than the finish on materials like porcelain tile or a solution-dyed carpet.

Hardwood Floors can Last a Lifetime. Fade-Resistance Keeps Them Looking Good for the Long Haul

Hardwood floors are also likely to be used in rooms with lots of sun exposure, like a bedroom or family room. Plus, because hardwood floors can last so long, they can spend quite a lot of time basking in the sun’s rays. When the useful life of a floor can be twenty-five years or more, all of that sun exposure adds up. Fade-resistant wood flooring is made with a special coating that is formulated to withstand UV rays, helping prevent sun bleaching.

Fade-resistant wood flooring offered by Empire® often includes other features that will help it stay looking great for a long time. Many are also covered with a scratch-resistant coating for enhanced protection against daily wear. During the Empire in-home consultation, ask your flooring professional about the variety of protective features and warranties available on hardwood floor products.