Can’t Decide on Just One Flooring Color? Go for a Carpet That is Multicolored

While many customers shopping for new carpet appreciate the look that a uniform floor color offers, others find that single-tone carpet can feel too homogenous. In comparison, tile, hardwood, and vinyl flooring all give the opportunity to introduce a little variation in flooring design. For those interested in a little pizzazz without giving up the warmth and comfort that comes with a soft surface floor, a multi-colored carpet can achieve that same result. Multi-colored carpet from Empire Today® comes in a wide range of base hues, so there’s an option that can match just about every style profile.

Enjoy the Greater Versatility of Multi-Colored Carpet

One of the greatest advantages of multi-colored carpets is their ability to mask common stains. While Empire® stocks a large variety of stain-resistant carpets, it’s almost inevitable that your carpet will pick up some stubborn spots—especially if there are children or pets in the home. A tonal carpet with a speckled design can help disguise minor stains, helping you go longer between deep cleanings or full carpet replacements. Multicolor carpets also tend to mesh well with a wide variety of interior design aesthetics, thanks to the carpets themselves containing multiple hues. A mottled brown carpet can work well in both light- and dark-colored schemes. Plus, you can find multi-colored options in all carpet styles, including Berber, plush, and frieze carpets.

All of these traits add up to equal a carpet that is a good fit for any room in your home—and even in your business. Empire carries a selection of multicolor commercial carpet and carpet tile that is designed to stand up to the high-traffic needs of offices, schools, and other non-residential applications.