Say Goodbye to Smelly Floors with Home Fresh Odor-Neutralizing Carpet

Odor-neutralizing carpet helps prevent those unwanted scents that are often an unavoidable part of life in a busy household. Whether from active children, family pets, fragrant cooking, or a smoker in the house, odors tend to find their way to your carpet—and then stay there. Unless that is, you’ve had Empire Today® install our exclusive HOME Fresh odor-neutralizing carpet in your home.

As we said: odors happen. You can cut down on their most obvious causes, like keeping wet dogs out of the house, cooking your famous liver and onions on the backyard grill, and restricting smoking to outdoors. Still, even with your best efforts, some carpets will end up developing a funk. Often it’s a result of something out of your control, like a streak of cool, damp weather. A good way to treat smelly carpets is with carpet deodorizer powder. But an even better idea is to keep those smells from forming in the first place by having an odor-neutralizing carpet installed.

How Does Odor-Neutralizing Carpet Work?

The Empire® selection of odor-neutralizing carpet utilizes a combination of innovations to keep scents from getting trapped in your carpeting. The main component of this carpet is the integrated padding. Unlike standard padding, which is usually installed as a separate layer, the premium padding on our odor-neutralizing carpet is constructed in a way that increases airflow through both surfaces. So, when you vacuum your floors, the suction can pull dust, dander, and other odor-causing particles from beneath the padding. Secondly, carpet fibers are constructed from a non-permeable material—made from recycled plastic bottles—which prevents odors from being absorbed into the carpet. And finally, a natural odor-neutralizing mineral embedded into the carpet fibers breaks down odors on contact.

So although your home might be the source of various scents, your carpet won’t be their destination. Choosing a carpet that neutralizes odor means you don’t have to rely on chemical cleaners or air fresheners to keep your home smelling nice. Empire HOME Fresh odor-neutralizing carpet lets you enjoy the comfort of plush flooring without worrying about the smells it will trap.