Gray Laminate Flooring Offers a Resilient, Neutral Foundation for Your Ever-Changing Home

Having new floors installed is one of the largest projects a new homeowner can commit to. It’s a single decision that you may end up living with for 25-plus years, so there’s a lot riding on the choice you make today. And with that choice can come all sorts of anxiety. Will you still like the flooring color when interior design trends change in a few years? Will the material hold up as your lifestyle changes? One of the best solutions to these concerns is to choose a durable, neutral material like gray laminate flooring.

Versatility is the Name of the Game with Gray Laminate Floors

Like gray slacks, gray laminate from Empire Today® is a popular product because it matches just about everything. Design trends can change on a dime these days, going from understated to bold as the seasons turn. A gray laminate floor can roll with the changes by offering a neutral foundation upon which myriad design schemes can be built. Your kitchen can easily go from rustic farmhouse style today to an upscale, minimalist look tomorrow—and your gray laminate floors will integrate with either aesthetic.

Choosing a laminate material also brings some extra assurances with regard to future floor care. Perhaps today your household is a calm one, with no children or pets. A flooring that’s more sensitive to scratches and spills, like genuine hardwood, might seem like a sound decision. But if you expect to have a few rambunctious little ones or an energetic dog (or both!) in the future, you’ll probably end up wishing you’d installed more durable flooring. Gray laminate flooring products from Empire® offer reassuring features like scratch and stain resistance, water resistance, or even full waterproofness. And our laminate flooring is covered by some of the industry’s best warranties.