Pet-Friendly Laminate Floors Give You the Look of Wood in a Product That Can Endure a Life with Pets

Real hardwood floors are beloved by homeowners because of the unique character they can add to a space. But if you’ve been doing some research, you've probably learned that they’re not exactly the best flooring for dogs. From accidental bathroom breaks to constant scratching from untrimmed nails, pets can take their toll on natural wood floors. If the look of wood is a must-have for your home, but you’re worried that your active pets will wreak havoc on your floors, choosing pet-friendly laminate flooring is a safe bet. These products will provide the look you want while minimizing the risk to your flooring investment. While there’s no way to absolutely “pet-proof” your floors, choosing a pet-friendly laminate flooring product will go a long way to easing your anxiety.

Features to Consider When Shopping for Pet-Friendly Laminate Floors

Many laminate flooring products from Empire Today® are constructed with a tough aluminum oxide finish. This is a dense, transparent top layer that protects the floor against scratches and stains. It’s an all-around beneficial feature to have in busy households, but can especially be helpful to protect against damage that might be caused by pet nails. A pet-friendly laminate floor is one that minimizes damage from even the most energetic pets.

Dealing with potty accidents is another major concern for pet owners. Even if your pets are housebroken, the occasional accident is bound to happen. So whether Whiskers misses his litter box or you forget to let Spot out one night, it’s a good idea to invest in floors that offer some measure of water resistance—or even a fully waterproof laminate floor. While there are no laminate floors with specific protection against pet urine, waterproof or water-resistant floors will prevent liquids from seeping through to the subfloor, where they will soak in and be impossible to treat. This is one of the leading causes of lingering pet smells in floors. And of course, being water-resistant or waterproof will make it easier to mop up muddy paw prints—just one more way that these laminate floors can be pet friendly.