Wide-Plank Vinyl Flooring Gives You the Look of a Luxury Wood Floor Without the High-End Price Tag

Choosing luxury vinyl plank flooring from Empire Today® is an excellent way to get the look of wood flooring at a more affordable price. Plus, vinyl flooring can be installed in places not suitable for wood or laminate, like basements and mud rooms. A premium product like wide-plank vinyl flooring can add a truly luxurious look to any room in your home while offering greater overall flexibility—and oftentimes better durability—compared to real wood flooring products.

What is Wide-Plank Vinyl Flooring?

Generally speaking, luxury vinyl flooring products that are described as “wide plank” are usually six to seven inches in width, or wider. When compared to standard-sized vinyl planks, wide-plank vinyl flooring helps give rooms a more polished, high-end appearance. Using wider panels means having fewer seams in your floor, which helps create the illusion of a bigger overall space. And because wide-plank vinyl flooring is a synthetic product, it can actually open up design options that are not practical, or even possible, with traditional hardwood planks. Wide plank hardwood will almost always carry a price premium compared to smaller wood planks, even of the same wood species, because the larger boards must come from a larger, older tree. And some species may simply not be available in wide planks at all. But wide-plank vinyl flooring is not bound by these natural restrictions. Peruse the selection of luxury vinyl plank flooring from Empire® to find a wealth of sizes, shapes, and finishes.

Is Wide-Plank Vinyl Flooring the Best Choice for Your Home?

Though it tends to look great in most applications, wide-plank vinyl flooring might not be the best choice for every room in your home. For instance, the minimal amount of seams might look awkward in a small bathroom. Thankfully, we are here to help. During our in-home consultation, a flooring pro from Empire can help you determine if wide-plank vinyl is a good match for your personal style.