Gray Wood Floors Offer a Timeless Material with a Modern Look

When researching new flooring, some shoppers may pass over a particular material because they don’t believe it can fit their style goals. Hardwood flooring, for instance, has a reputation for being used in traditional, warm interior designs—and might not be of interest to those wanting a more visually stark look. But if you’re aiming for something sleek and modern, maybe even a bit minimalist, you can still base your design around hardwood by opting for gray wood flooring. While not as common as the typical warmer-toned wood options, gray hardwood floors provide the quality and timeless feel that come along with a wood product, but in a more modern aesthetic.

The vast selection of gray wood flooring products available from Empire Today® means that we probably have something that will fit in with your visual goals and your budget. Choose a solid gray hardwood for a premium, high-end floor that will last a lifetime. Or you can increase your installation options and probably save a bit of money by opting for gray engineered hardwood instead. Consider a completely gray wood flooring product for a monochromatic vibe, or look for a model whose finish is complemented by tones of brown, blue, or white to better match other parts of your home.

Gray Wood Flooring Can Serve You for a Lifetime

One of the most compelling reasons to choose a hardwood or engineered wood floor is its potential to last a lifetime. All it takes is a little routine maintenance, and hardwood will continue to look great for many years. But even better than that, hardwood floors (and to a lesser extent, engineered hardwood products) can be completely refinished in a totally different hue. So if the sleek, modern room you design today starts to feel a little sterile in a few years, you can have that gray hardwood flooring redone in a color that's more inviting—at a much lower cost than having new wood floors installed.