Pet-Friendly Vinyl Flooring is Built to Endure Life with Your Furry Friends

If your household includes any four-legged friends, you’ve probably spent a fair share of time cleaning up the messes they have made. But enjoying the company of pets shouldn’t mean you have to constantly fear for your floors or restrict those pets from certain rooms. Pet-friendly vinyl flooring from Empire Today® offers a solution that helps safeguard against the typical messes and damage that carpet or hardwood floors might sustain at the hands—or should we say paws—of the family pet. Most vinyl flooring is pet-friendly thanks to its resistance to scuffs and scratches and its ability to easily be waterproofed. And since vinyl flooring is available in myriad designs that replicate wood, tile, and more, you don’t even have to sacrifice style. Installing pet-friendly vinyl in your home means you can let Fido run free on your floors with less worrying about his claws leaving marks on your kitchen flooring than would likely occur on a natural wood surface. And if Felix doesn’t make it to the litter box on time, cleaning up his accident is as easy as a quick wipe with some household cleaner and a mop. That means you’ll get none of the lingering stains or odors that often plague permeable floors in households with pets.

Pet-Friendly Vinyl Floors Make Your Life Easier and Your Pets’ Lives More Comfortable

And having flooring that is good for pets means more than just resisting the occasional stain and scratch. Pet-friendly vinyl can be more comfortable for cats and dogs than tile, because it’s softer underfoot and typically less slippery. Vinyl can also be a better choice than carpet for pet-friendly homes, because a pet’s claws can often get caught in the carpet fibers, leading to painful injuries for your four-legged family member.