Skip the Cost and Care Requirements of Marble with a Stone-Look Floor.

Stone-look tile flooring from Empire Today® lets you enjoy the look of marble, granite, or other fine stone surfaces—without the high price tag or associated maintenance needs. While there’s no more luxurious a flooring material than natural stone, those lavish materials often come at a cost. Marble and granite tiles will be more expensive upfront, can be easily stained and chipped, and actually require regular application of sealant in order to preserve their look and quality. Stone-look tiles solve these problems while retaining the elegant look of a natural stone floor.

As the name suggests, these products are tile that look like stone. Porcelain or ceramic tiles are printed with realistic images of cut stone, and in some cases, can even be textured to feel like real stone. But since they are glazed like traditional tile, stone-look tiles can be more durable and easier to maintain than natural stone. Marble floors are notorious for being quite slick, but many stone-look tile floor products from Empire® are available with a non-slip surface, helping keep your home safer while still feeling like real stone underfoot. And best of all, faux stone tiles can cost a fraction of the price of the real thing. So, if you have your heart set on a travertine or Carrara marble floor but budget and upkeep requirements don’t allow it, consider a stone-look tile flooring from Empire. Contact us today to get an in-home consultation scheduled, and you can shop our entire collection of stone-look tile without ever leaving home.