Why Should You Choose a Cream-Colored Carpet?

For some, the idea of pure white carpet can be too much—even though they may be interested in having sleek, light-colored floors. Because depending on the rooms in which it is installed, white carpet can sometimes feel too formal, and even a bit ostentatious. Opting for a cream carpet instead can provide much of the same visual impact as white carpets but turned down just a notch or two. Cream-colored carpets from Empire Today® can help make a room feel larger and more elegant, without coming across as too extravagant.

How Well Does a Cream Carpet Deal with Stains?

There’s also a practical benefit to a cream carpet. The subtle off-white tone goes a long way in hiding small stains when compared to a pure white carpet, which will spotlight every minor mishap. Of course, installing any light-toned carpet is tempting the fates if you live in a busy home with kids or pets. That’s why one thing to consider when shopping for white or cream-colored carpet is choosing a product that has enhanced stain resistance built in.

Empire® offers a range of carpets with varying degrees of resistance against typical household stains—and even some that are built to withstand more severe contaminants like pet urine. When you speak with a flooring consultant from Empire, they’ll take into account your lifestyle habits in addition to your overall design desires to help make a carpet recommendation. Best of all, Empire comes to you with hundreds of carpet samples, so you can see and feel the carpets you’re considering, right in your own home. There’s no better way to shop for carpet than the Empire way.