What is Plush Carpet?

It goes by many names, including velvet, Saxony, or texture carpet, but it’s a carpet we’re all familiar with. Plush carpet is what most people will visualize when hearing the word “carpet.” A traditional cut-pile carpet, it features a uniform surface with unparalleled softness, making it a favorite choice for bedrooms and family rooms.

answering what is Plush Carpet?
  • The straight, even length of its fibers gives plush carpet a clean, classic appearance
  • Cut-pile construction and densely-packed fibers make it one of the most comfortable carpets to walk on
  • Tightly-twisted fibers help make plush carpeting easier to clean

Why Should You Choose Plush Carpet?

Deciding to have carpet installed in your home is just the first step in the journey to new floors. You may find yourself more confused by which type of carpet is best for your needs. So, why should you choose plush carpet over other types?

Plush carpet is an ideal option for anyone who places equal value on aesthetics, comfort, and durability. Some carpet types may have a more formal appearance, but at the cost of comfort. Others can be easier to maintain, but may look too casual for some home styles. But plush carpet lands right in the goldilocks zone making it a great choice for any room in the home.

Its clean, uniform look can easily dress up an elegant living room, but it doesn’t feel too fancy for a children’s bedroom. Its dense fibers help resist the intrusion of dirt, but they’re not so tough as to sacrifice comfort. Plus, the staggering amount of colors available means there’s a plush carpet that will mesh with just about any interior design scheme.

Plush Carpet features

The name says it all—almost. Because plush carpet gives you more than just a soft surface for your family’s favorite rooms.

  • The uniform surface length is a timeless style that can harmonize with nearly any interior style
  • Covered by some of the best warranties in the industry, with many plush products offering limited lifetime warranties against staining
  • One of the most comfortable surfaces to walk, sit, or play on

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Plush Carpet FAQs

It’s not difficult to keep plush carpet clean, though it may require a little more effort than with a low-pile carpet like Berber. We suggest vacuuming regularly-used rooms at least once a week, and be sure to blot up any liquid spills as quickly as possible. For extra help keeping your floors looking great, consider one of the many stain-resistant plush carpets offered by Empire.

If you’re a pet owner, you don’t need to fear—plush carpet is great for cats and dogs. As a cut-pile carpet, its fibers are not looped as they are in other carpet types, so there’s nothing that might snag your pets’ claws. And for the ultimate in pet-friendliness, consider a model with PUP® Pet Urine Protection built in.

To ensure best results when vacuuming plush carpet, look for the floor height (sometimes referred to as pile-length) setting, and make sure it’s on the highest level. This will ensure that the vacuum’s brush can properly spin and that there will be enough airflow to create proper suction—both key factors in achieving a thorough cleaning.

Plush carpet is one of our most popular flooring products, and our network of warehouses keeps a deep inventory of models in stock. If the plush carpet you choose is in stock locally, Empire can begin installing new carpet as soon as the very Next Day.

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Plush carpet exists at the intersection of style, comfort, and easy maintenance. If you've decided that plush carpeting is the right flooring for your home, Empire is here to make getting that new carpet as simple and stress-free a process as possible. Click any of the “Schedule Now” buttons on the site to set up a no-obligation, In-Home Consultation with a flooring professional. They’ll help you decide exactly which plush carpet ticks all the boxes on your wish list, and then arrange everything needed for the carpet installation—which might be able to start as soon as the following day. Plus, you’ll get an upfront quote with all costs included, so you’ll never be surprised by any hidden fees or additional charges.

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