Today’s Brown Carpet is a Modern Flooring Option with Just a Splash of Vintage Style

Hearing the words “brown carpet” might evoke images of vintage shag rugs, conversation pits, and other disco-era design choices. But today’s brown carpet products offer a range of elegant designs in a highly functional and durable flooring surface. From dark chocolate tones to lighter shades like caramel and ochre, brown carpets bring a visual richness without overpowering your home’s other design elements. Plus, you’ll get the unbeatable comfort of a material like frieze or plush carpet.

A Dark Carpet in a Shade of Brown Makes Worrying About Small Stains a Thing of the Past.

One compelling benefit to choosing a brown carpet is its overall practicality. Its color helps hide minor stains, making brown carpet ideal for the highly trafficked rooms of your home, or wherever the kids or pets hang out. In fact, it's often the default shade in many rental homes for that same reason. Decorating your office space? Light brown carpet can be the perfect choice for a long-lasting carpet color that won’t need constant replacement thanks to foot traffic and dirt.

And if you love the color but find you still want some extra visual punch, look to the different styles of carpet. Brown pattern carpet uses the varying height of fiber loops to bring an element of orderly sophistication, while the casual fibers of a frieze carpet in a shade of brown can make a room feel more welcoming. From complementing the nature-inspired, earthy palette of a modern den to mirroring the mahogany shelves of a mature study, brown carpet can truly do it all.