Green Carpet is a Statement-Making Design Choice for Any Room in Your Home

When it comes to carpet shopping, neutral tones are by far the most popular choice. But for those who choose to get a little daring with their design, the Empire Today® selection of colored carpets offers a chance to live on the edge. Nothing adds personality to a room quite like the bold choice of green carpet. It may not fit into all interior aesthetics, but when properly integrated into a cohesive design scheme it can turn a plain room into a statement.

In color psychology, green is often interpreted as representing the ideas of harmony, energy, and life, along with offering a sense of relaxation. Interested in the idea of green carpet but not ready to commit to something as daring as a deep emerald hue? Consider a carpet in a more subtle shade of green, in a color like olive. These more subdued forms of green carpet still serve up a healthy dose of character while better fitting into traditional design tastes.

Go for Green Carpet When You Can’t Have Grass

Green is, of course, a very popular shade for indoor/outdoor carpet. Whether you’re an apartment dweller looking to give some life to a balcony or a homeowner building a sunroom, green indoor/outdoor carpet is a great way to give your artificial outdoor space a more natural feel. And you can even find green carpet that’s “green” in more ways than one. Empire® is proud to offer a large selection of eco-friendly carpets, made from recycled materials and constructed to have a minimum impact on the air quality in your home.