Stain-Resistant Vinyl Floors are Insurance Against Life's Unexpected Mishaps

One of the main reasons that Empire Today® customers choose vinyl flooring over other options is its versatility and reputation for resilience. Most vinyl floors can easily stand up to the spills, drops, and foot traffic of a typical household. But for those looking for the ultimate peace of mind, opting for a specific stain-resistant vinyl flooring product might be the best course of action. These flooring products offer an extra layer of protection against contaminants that would typically be more likely to stain.

Is All Vinyl Flooring Stain-Resistant?

While most vinyl floors do a pretty good job of repelling messes, not all of them can claim to be truly resistant to stains. To provide advanced protection against blemishes, stain-resistant vinyl flooring from Empire is crafted with a special urethane top layer. This layer gives the flooring its high-end sheen, removing the need for regular buffing or polishing—all while helping prevent stains from setting into the vinyl material below. This layer is built to last, and won't need to be regularly reapplied like many wood or stone sealants. And the protective urethane layer often comes with other benefits that will keep your vinyl plank floors looking great for years to come. These products will usually offer enhanced protection against scratches from normal activities and the regular wear of everyday life. The urethane coating often does double duty to protect against fading from UV rays—a valuable trait for floors that receive constant exposure to sunlight. And many stain-resistant vinyl floors are 100% waterproof, making them good choices for the bathroom or kitchen. When shopping for stain-resistant vinyl flooring products, ask your flooring professional whether the model you’re interested in also includes any of these other protective features.