Where Do You Start When Shopping for New Carpet?

First up, you’ll need to decide what type of carpet is best for your particular needs. This will be determined by a variety of factors, with the most common ones being how much traffic a room sees, whether the people using that room are likely to cause stains in the carpet, and, of course, what your budget for new carpeting is. During our in-home shopping process, a flooring professional will learn the answers to these and other questions and use that as the foundation on which to start making carpet recommendations for your home.

After we’ve determined the best carpeting for your needs, you can move on to the more superficial considerations. What do you want your carpet to look like? Are you interested in a neutral carpet that disappears into the background so your interior design can shine? Or perhaps you'd like something with a little pizzazz? Empire® has a wide selection of each style of carpet—and everything in between. This is also a good place to decide how comfortable you need your carpet to be. Some styles put comfort first and might be a little more difficult to keep looking immaculate, while others will sacrifice some comfort to prioritize aesthetics. But most carpets from Empire strike what we think is a great balance between looking good and feeling great under your feet.

A Seamless Process, from Product Selection to Carpet Installation.

Once you’ve considered all these factors and chosen the product you want, you are just steps away from installing your new carpet. Before any work starts, you will get an upfront quote that includes all charges for the entire job. Then, our carpet installers can show up as soon as the very next day to begin installing your new carpet and will usually be able to wrap up the job quickly enough that your day-to-day schedule is virtually unaffected. There’s no better way to shop for carpet installation than by choosing Empire Today.