Stain-Resistant Tile Helps Keep Your Floors Looking Their Best

One of the main reasons to choose porcelain or ceramic tile from Empire Today® for your home is its overall durability. Both porcelain and ceramic tile are coated with a special glaze and finished in a kiln that reaches incredibly high temperatures, baking the glaze into a nearly impervious top layer. This process results in tiles that are tough to scratch, inherently water resistant, and makes tile the best flooring for a bathroom, kitchen, or mudroom. The same properties that stand up to moisture are also what help make tile stain-resistant.

Keeping Stain-Resistant Tile Looking Great

Like any product that touts resistance against moisture or blemishes, a stain-resistant tile won’t be 100% stainproof or waterproof. It’s also important to note that ceramic tile has a slightly lower resistance to water than porcelain tile, due to differences in the final firing temperatures. So even though both may be stain-resistant tiles, the chances of a stain sticking around are going to be marginally higher on ceramic tile.

That’s why the best way to prevent stains on tile is to be proactive in your floor care. Reacting quickly to spills and performing some minor regular maintenance will help keep your tile stain-free and looking great for the long haul. Be especially diligent with substances like wine or dark acidic foods like tomato sauce, as these can mar even the most stain-resistant tile. If your home has hard water, use a waterproof mat to protect the areas where it’s likely to collect—right outside the shower or in front of the kitchen sink—to prevent mineral buildup from staining the tile. And be sure to regularly reseal your grout! While stain-resistant tile might repel most spills, the porous grout is much more likely to absorb stains and show blemishes.