A Wide-Plank Hardwood Floor Celebrates the Unique Character of Wood—and your Home

Wide-plank flooring is one of today’s most popular wood flooring styles, offering a bold change from traditional ideas of what a hardwood floor should look like. Empire Today® considers wide-plank wood flooring to be any hardwood floor product whose individual plank width is greater than 5 inches. When compared to many of the most popular hardwood flooring types, which can measure anywhere from 2 ½ to 5 inches in width, the visual difference of wide-plank hardwood can be quite pronounced

The wide plank surface allows more of the wood’s unique grain pattern to show on each individual piece of flooring, while the minimal seams help make a room look larger. And although it truly shines when paired with a modern farmhouse aesthetic, wide-plank hardwood is as versatile as it is beautiful. The wide planks can bring a cozy, rustic vibe to living rooms, kitchens, and even bedrooms.

Select from Various Wood Species and Finishes in Wide-Plank Flooring for a Truly Unique Look

Choosing wide-plank flooring still affords you plenty of options when it comes to customizing your floors. Within that style, you might select a product with clean, natural wood tones for a more modern look. Or, consider wide planks with a weathered texture to add an extra bit of rustic character to your home. Whether you’re hoping to add some whimsy to a bedroom, want to create a distinguished formal dining room, or bring some extra coziness to your family room, Empire® can help you choose the perfect wide-plank engineered or solid hardwood flooring to suit your needs.