Stain-Resistant Carpet Lets you Focus on Comfort and Forget About the Occasional Spill

Love the idea of having carpet installed in your home, but worry that kids or pets will quickly make a mess of it? Stain-resistant carpet offers a solution that gives you the look and feel you want, but with less of the maintenance concerns. And while it may not be possible to create a carpet that is 100% impervious to staining, these stain-resistant products greatly decrease the amount of work required to remove those messes when they do occur. This is achieved with advanced fiber construction and coatings that help prevent typical spills and stains from permanently setting in. Stain-resistant carpet products from Empire Today® make it easy to keep your floors looking great. So when someone inevitably tracks mud through the living room or spills a cup of juice in their bedroom, you can skip the panic and reach for a simple carpet cleaner instead.

Enhanced Stain Resistance Means You’re Less Likely to Need to Replace Dirty Carpeting

An added benefit of stain-resistant carpet is that it typically leads to a longer overall lifespan for your flooring. Quite often, we see customers shopping for new carpet not because their existing flooring is worn out or uncomfortable, but because it is plagued by stains that have accumulated over the years—stains that they didn’t immediately treat and which eventually became permanent. Stain-resistant carpet gives you the extra edge you need to keep your carpets looking great for years to come. Be sure to ask about this feature when speaking to your flooring consultant.