Hickory Hardwood Floors Offer the Classic Hardwood Floor Aesthetic with Impressive Durability

If you're shopping Empire Today® for new hardwood floors and need something that can stand up to above-average levels of wear, look no further than hickory hardwood flooring. Rating an impressive 1820 on the Janka scale (a system that measures and classifies the hardness of woods), hickory is one of the hardest wood flooring materials available on the market today. That means hickory hardwood floors are better equipped to withstand scratches and dings than a softer wood floor—one made from a material like pine, for instance.

However, that impressive strength makes it more difficult to manufacture, work with, and install hickory hardwood floors, which usually means that in most markets it will be priced higher than more common hardwood materials like red oak. Many customers choose hickory floors for their "forever home," the one they plan to raise a family in. Because it can easily last decades with proper care, the price of hickory flooring can easily be justified for some customers.

Consider an Engineered Hickory Wood Floor if Your Budget is Important

If your heart wants hickory but your wallet doesn't, a great way to save a bit of money is by choosing a hickory engineered hardwood floor. This product bonds a thin layer of genuine hickory wood with a core made from MDF or plywood. The result is a floor that looks and wears just like solid hickory but which can cost considerably less.

Still not sure if hickory hardwood is the best flooring for your home? Contact Empire® to schedule a consultation with a flooring professional. After visiting your home and learning more about your needs and habits, they’ll help you determine what flooring material would be your best choice.