Bring a Bold Yet Relaxing Vibe to Your Bedroom with Blue Carpet.

Blue carpet might not be at the top of the list for most homeowners when shopping for new carpet. In fact, it’s probably not on the list at all! But choosing cool-toned flooring can completely transform the way a room looks and feels. In color theory, blue is considered a calming hue, which is one of the reasons it’s often used as a wall color in bedrooms. Having blue carpet installed is another way to bring that relaxing feeling into a room.

The range of blue shades available from Empire Today® means you don’t have to choose something as vibrant as the Caribbean Sea to enjoy a cool-colored floor. For a more subdued option, consider a grey-blue pattern carpet, whose geometric design can help make the playful color look a little more serious. Or look for a mottled blue with specks of brown or tan in its design, to better mesh with more conservative interior design schemes.

Shopping With Empire® Means You Can Sample Blue Carpet in Your Own Home with No Obligation.

At Empire, we know that even if the idea sounds good on paper, and the photos on our website look great, it can still be daunting to commit to a design choice like blue carpet. That’s why a key component of the Empire carpet shopping process is our renowned in-home consultation. During the meeting, a flooring professional will come directly to you with hundreds of samples of carpet or other flooring materials. Getting to see the products right in your home is the ultimate way to determine if blue carpet is going to work in your home or if it’s an idea better left to your mood board.