Brown Tile Flooring from Empire Today® Gives You the Warmth of Hardwood in Rooms Where Wood is a No-Go

Combining the warm tones of wood with the resilience of ceramic or porcelain, brown tile flooring lets you get the look you want in areas not well-suited for other materials. Available in a variety of hues and patterned styles, brown tiles are an easy match for any room in your home. Want the look of a hardwood floor, but not the worries related to using it in the kitchen or a bathroom? Brown tile with a wood-look pattern is a perfect fit, giving you the style you want with much less upkeep.

Get New Brown Tile Floors Installed Without the Stress

Choosing Empire® for your flooring means getting more than just a new brown tile floor. You’ll also receive the best in end-to-end customer service and support. The flooring pros at Empire are here to guide you through the entire process, starting with learning what the most important factor is in your new floors. Whether it’s affordability, durability, or water resistance, they’ll help you find a product that meets your needs. And even after our professional next day installation, we’re here to help you understand how to best care for your new floors. Installing your floors may take only a day or two, but they should look great for a lifetime.