UV-Resistant Laminate Floors Withstand an Invisible Source of Fading

Empire Today® proudly offers a wide selection of wood laminate flooring products that are backed by some of the best warranties in the industry. These warranties are your assurance that laminate floors from Empire® are built to last. With proper care, it’s not unlikely to get decades of useful life out of your laminate flooring. But while you can help prevent physical damage to your floors by being careful with how you move furniture or what shoes you wear, there is an intangible element that’s harder to protect against: the sun. This is where UV-resistant laminate flooring comes in.

Does Laminate Flooring Fade in Sunlight?

Most homeowners don’t realize that the sun’s rays can fade the finish of their flooring, the same way it might bleach a well-worn T-shirt or photo that hangs opposite a window. With how long-lasting laminate floors can be, they can end up exposed to the sun for tens of thousands of hours over their lifespan. In areas with strong sunlight, this exposure can lead to a perceptible loss of vibrancy in the laminate finish. And the problem can be especially conspicuous in rooms where part of the floor never gets directly exposed to UV rays, leading to a noticeable variation in the finish compared to the sun-drenched spots. UV-resistant laminate flooring is treated with a specially formulated topcoat that helps reduce the sun’s impact and protects against fading. Think of it as sunscreen for your floors.

Most wood laminate floors from Empire® are protected with this UV-resistant finish, and often include other protections against scratches, moisture, and even mold & mildew formation. During your in-home consultation, your flooring professional can give you more information about each of these features and help you decide if they’re the right solution for your needs.