What is Frieze Carpet?

Sometimes called twist-pile carpet, due to its characteristic tightly twisted fibers, frieze carpet is known for its shaggy, casual look. The uneven surface gives frieze an informal appearance and resists crushing and matting, which helps conceal footprints and vacuum lines. Frieze carpet’s informal appearance makes it a favorite choice for bedrooms, active family rooms, and other busy areas of the home.

answering what is Frieze Carpet?
  • Twisted fibers are extremely durable and more resistant to crushing
  • Ideal for rooms where comfort is desired, like bedrooms or the basement
  • Uneven surface and mottled color patterns help conceal dirt and stains

Why Should You Choose Frieze Carpet?

Perhaps more than any other type of carpet, frieze is chosen primarily for its combination of comfort and relaxed style. While carpets like plush or pattern can sometimes make a room feel too formal, frieze’s casual construction creates a welcome surface for all aspects of life, from playtime with the pets in the family room, to a quiet evening of reading on the floor of the kids’ bedroom.

As a twist-pile carpet, its shaggy texture adds an extra character to your interior design scheme, without being as extravagant as the shaggy carpets of yesteryear. Plus, the uneven fibers serve practical benefits, creating a springy surface that hides vacuum lines and footprints, and quickly springs back after furniture is moved. When combined with its specked “barber pole” color options, frieze’s texture is also great at helping hide minor stains. All-in-all, if comfort, casualness, and convenience are at the top of your needs, frieze carpet will likely be your best option.

Frieze Carpet features

With high durability, a comfortable construction, and an inviting appearance, frieze carpet is the all-star of the soft-surface flooring world.

  • Casual yet comfortable construction is great for family rooms and anywhere else where people spend a lot of time
  • Cut-pile construction means it’s also suitable for rooms where pets play
  • Tends to hide stains better than other types of carpet

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Frieze Carpet FAQs

Frieze is among the easiest carpets to care for because of its durable construction. Its shaggy surface resists matting and crushing while helping disguise any minor stains that might occur. And it also helps hide vacuum lines, so even if you run the vacuum just minutes before hosting a party, your guests will be none the wiser.

Frieze is classified as cut-pile carpeting; its fibers are cut at the ends instead of being looped. This makes it similar in construction to plush carpet. It’s also known as a twisted-pile carpet, with frieze’s uneven, twisted fibers giving it a much more casual look than plush carpeting.

As far as carpets go, frieze is a great choice for households with pets. Its durable, casual surface helps resist wear marks and helps hide footprints and stains. And as cut-pile carpet, frieze fibers are not looped, so they won’t snag your dog or cats’ claws. As an added benefit, many frieze carpets from Empire feature PUP® Pet Urine Protection.

Empire continually strives to offer not just the best overall floor shopping and installation experience, but also the quickest. If the product you choose is in stock at your local warehouse, we may be able to begin installing the new carpet as soon as the day after your initial estimate.

Ready to Have New Frieze Carpet Installed in Your Home?

Like any big home renovation project, having new carpet installed is not just a major financial investment, but a commitment to a design element that you may be living with for many years. At Empire, we understand the significance of both factors, and strive to make getting new floors as easy and worry-free as can be. Before any carpet installation begins, you’ll meet with a flooring professional for a totally free, no-obligation estimate, during which you’ll get to review hundreds of samples of flooring—all in the comfort of your own home.

The selection of carpets offered by Empire runs the gamut of styles and price points, so you’ll be able to find something that meets your lifestyle needs and your budget. Plus, the frieze carpets we carry are covered by some of the industry’s best warranties, so you can be confident that they’ll look just as good in a few years as they were on day one. And when that installation day arrives, we do our best to minimize any disruption to your daily life. Carpet installers will move out any furniture from the room, remove the old carpet and make sure it gets disposed of properly, and then put everything back in its place once the new carpet is installed. When the job is done, the only trace of installation will be the gorgeous new carpeting, ready to be lived on.

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