With Upscale Looks and Low Maintenance Needs, Porcelain and Ceramic Tile are a Superb Choice for Your Kitchen, Bathroom, and Beyond

Though they may seem like a modern building material, floor tiles have been in use for thousands of years. They have long been favored for their impressive durability and the nearly limitless flexibility in design that they afford. Those traits still apply today, and have only improved thanks to modern technology. A ceramic or porcelain floor is built to stand up to the traffic of the busiest rooms in the busiest households, and their highly water-resistant construction means they’re the perfect choice for rooms where spills are likely, like your kitchen, mudroom, and bathrooms. Always wanted hardwood in your kitchen? Wood-look tiles mean you can get the aesthetic of your dreams in rooms not suitable for a natural wood floor.

You Can Trust Empire® for Your Tile Installation Needs

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a truly luxurious flooring choice. But with their beauty and resilience comes an increased difficulty in working with the materials. Installing ceramic tile is no easy feat—the tiles’ weight and brittleness combined with the specialized tools needed to cut tile can make it quite difficult for the average DIYer to get a properly leveled and aligned floor. That’s why it’s best for the average homeowner to leave tile installation to the professionals. When you choose Empire, seasoned tile installers will have your new tile floors installed and looking great with minimal interference to your daily routines. In fact, in many cases we’re able to begin the installation process as soon as the very next day after your in-home consultation.