Natural Wood Floors, for the Sophistication of Real Wood with a Lighter Touch

Hardwood floors are known for adding warmth and sophistication to a home’s appearance, but these traits can actually be a turn-off to those whose design sensibilities tend to skew more modern. If you love everything about real hardwood but want something with less of a classic look, opting for one of the many options of natural wood floors could be the right choice for you.

While a rich, dark-stained hardwood will be viewed as sophisticated by many, to others it might feel “stuffy.” Natural wood floors offer a polished, contemporary aura to a home while still maintaining the elegance that hardwood is known for. Natural wood flooring can bring a sense of airiness to your interiors and helps brighten the overall mood of a room. Light wood floors work well with many of today’s hottest interior design trends, including the increasingly-popular farmhouse and coastal styles. Best of all, light floors can even make your living spaces feel larger

Choosing a Solid or Engineered Hardwood in Light Tones Will Give You Flexibility with Future Redesigns

One of the great benefits of choosing real wood flooring is the ability to sand and refinish your floors when you want to change their look. That means you can comfortably choose natural wood floors today and not have to worry about getting a total flooring replacement if your tastes change drastically in a few years. Instead, you can simply refinish the light-colored wood into something darker for considerable cost savings compared to installing new wood floors. Contact one of our product specialists today to learn about the selection of natural-toned wood floors and find the perfect color for your home at Empire Today®.