What is Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

Commonly known as LVT flooring, vinyl tile flooring is a synthetic floor material crafted to mimic the look and texture of a traditional tile or stone floor. Vinyl floor tiles provide the high-end look of tile floors at a wallet-friendly price point. Plus they offer a more comfortable surface underfoot than tile, and require minimal maintenance.

answering what is Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?
  • Mimics the look of ceramic tile or stone materials like marble and travertine
  • With a dense vinyl core and special wear layer, LVT floors are highly resistant to wear
  • Vinyl tile floors are water resistant or even fully waterproof

Why Should You Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

As with other vinyl floor products, the most common reason to choose LVT flooring is to get the look of a higher-end material while sticking to a budget. Ceramic tile and fine stone floors may look amazing, but that high-end aesthetic usually has a price to match. Plus, their complicated installation process means you’ll pay much more in labor costs. Luxury vinyl tile from Empire can give your home that same swanky style for significantly less. And although LVT is considered an alternative to a high-end product, that doesn’t mean that it skimps out on quality. In addition to offering the look and feel of tile or stone, LVT flooring can be grouted just like the real thing. Guests will never guess they’re walking on vinyl floors. And the luxury vinyl tile available from Empire is covered by some of the industry’s best warranties against wear, fading, and staining.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring features

Luxury vinyl tile is a “best of both worlds” flooring material, giving homeowners the aesthetics of fine tile or stone floors, in a surface that’s easier to maintain and more suited to the average household.

  • Stone-look vinyl floor offers elegant style in a surface appropriate for casual living
  • Waterproof construction makes for worry-free maintenance and easy cleanup
  • Vinyl tiles can be grouted for a truly authentic tile look

How Empire Today® Makes It Easy

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    A flooring professional will bring samples to your home, help you pick the right floors, measure your rooms, and give you an all-inclusive price estimate.

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    Professional installers will move your furniture, remove and haul away your old floor, install your new flooring, and clean up when they’re finished.

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Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring FAQs

Luxury vinyl tile is designed to be an easy-to-maintain surface, and that convenience extends to cleaning. Dirt, dust, and other dry messes can be easily swept up, or cleaned with a vacuum on its hard surface setting. And because we offer waterproof options, stubborn stains can be cleaned off of vinyl tile floors with mild household cleaners and a wet mop.

Yes! All of the luxury vinyl tile products available through Empire are built with a protective wear layer that is made to stand up to the wear of an active household. Plus, LVT is less hard than real tile or stone, and features a textured, slip-resistant surface—both traits that help make it a better floor for kids and pets.

Vinyl floor tiles are designed to be installed without needing grout. However, you can choose to have vinyl tile installed in a way that can be grouted, to better replicate the look of a real tile floor.

The vinyl tile products offered by Empire are all built with Aqua Defense technology, making them fully waterproof. And the slip-resistant textured surface helps makes LVT flooring safer to walk on when wet.

Although it’s designed to be a convenient, low-maintenance surface, installing LVT flooring still requires special skills and knowledge. That’s why it’s best to trust professionals when it comes to having LVT floors installed.

Empire promises to make getting beautiful new floors easy, and that includes minimizing the wait time between when you decide on a product and when your new flooring can be installed. In many cases, we are able to schedule your flooring installation for as soon as the day after your initial consultation.

Ready to Have New Luxury Vinyl Tile Floors Installed?

Committing to any home improvement project is a big step, and having new floors installed is no exception. At Empire, we understand what goes into making this choice, which is why we strive to make getting new floors as easy as possible. We know that you probably have lots of questions, and that you want to be certain you choose the best floor material for your needs. That’s why everything starts with an in-home consultation, where a flooring pro will bring you hundreds of flooring samples, learn about your home and your needs, and work with you to decide what floor will serve you best.

And when it comes time to have your vinyl tile floors installed, we aim to make the work as unobtrusive as possible. Flooring installers will move your furniture, get the new floors installed, and put your rooms back just how you left them, all while minimizing disruption to your daily life. And even after the job is completed, we’re here for you and happy to answer any questions you might have about taking care of your new vinyl tile floors.

Learn More About Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring

The various types of vinyl floors, LVT included, have continued to grow in popularity with both homeowners and business owners because they offer the perfect mix of form and function. While real tile or stone floors look amazing, they can require more work—including regular resealing of natural stone surfaces—to stay looking their best. Plus, their hard surface can cause discomfort for those who have to walk or stand for extended periods of time, kids who play on the floor, and even your pets. Luxury vinyl tile replicates the high style of real stone or ceramic tile, without those downsides. And it does so while saving you money.

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