Let Gray Carpet Floors be the Foundation of Your Home’s Ever-Changing Style.

If gray carpet were an athlete, you might refer to it as a utility player—it’s a versatile flooring option that can do a great job in a range of different roles. As a neutral tone, gray carpet can match well with just about any interior design choice. You can put it in a modern living room as the foundation for a sleek, monochromatic aesthetic. A gray-carpeted floor works in a playroom whose walls might be a variety of colors. And in bedrooms, it provides a comfortable flooring surface that won’t clash with oft-changing decorations. The wide range of gray solid and tonal carpets available through Empire Today® means there’s a product that will fit your needs, regardless of how formal or casual your design goals are.

Want Light Floors but Worry About Stains? Consider Choosing a Gray Carpet.

Gray carpet also offers a practical edge over white carpet. With just a subtle gray, you can get the same luxurious, room-opening look that comes with white flooring, but you'll get the added benefit of some camouflage for the inevitable stains or spots that are a part of everyday life. Choose a plush carpet to cozy up your bedroom, or dark gray berber carpet for hallways and heavily trafficked rooms. Whatever your flooring needs, we’re here to help you find the best gray carpet for your home. Reach out to Empire® to speak with a flooring professional, and we can set up a no-hassle consultation in the comfort of your own home. You’ll get to shop for new carpet without ever leaving home and will be enjoying your new floors in no time.