White Hardwood Flooring: Modern Aesthetics with a Touch of Rustic Charm

Hardwood floors have long been loved for the traditional character they impart on a room, but in some cases that can work against your design goals. If you’ve got bold plans for a modern living room, bedroom, or other part of your home, the typical wood flooring aesthetic just might not have enough edge. One way to shake things up stylistically while holding onto the other benefits of wood flooring is to opt for a more visually-striking material like white hardwood floors.

White hardwood flooring is the bold design choice that can elevate the look of any room, and Empire Today® is here to help you achieve that goal. The bright appearance of white wood can anchor a monochromatic, modern aesthetic, while still bringing a little bit of old-school charm. This stylistic combo makes white wood flooring a great foundation for a convincingly authentic farmhouse living room. Light-colored floors also have the added benefit of making rooms appear a bit larger than they actually are.

A White Hardwood Floor Can Always be Refinished in the Future

If you’ve got your heart set on white wood floors but are apprehensive that your tastes might change somewhere down the line, choosing a solid hardwood product can help safeguard against any big changes in personal style. When you decide you’d like a darker floor, you can make that happen by simply having the hardwood sanded and refinished in a different color—a solution that will be much more affordable than buying completely new floors. That level of flexibility makes white hardwood a sensible design choice, and can even be more affordable in the long run than a vinyl or laminate floor that will eventually get replaced. To get started on the path towards new hardwood floors, give us a call or contact us online to schedule an in-home consultation with a flooring professional.