Protect Against Moderate Moisture Exposure with Water-Resistant Vinyl Flooring

Among the various reasons customers choose vinyl flooring from Empire Today®, one of the most popular is that the majority of vinyl floor products are built to stand up to some level of exposure to moisture. These products were created to resist typical day-to-day wetness that can get wiped up relatively quickly—things like your typical kitchen spills or stray drips from a wet raincoat.

Water-resistant vinyl flooring is available in an array of looks and styles, including vinyl planks that closely mimic the look and feel of wood, and vinyl tiles that accurately replicate stone floor products. And while tile is inherently water-resistant and engineered hardwood can be made to be water-resistant, vinyl flooring will almost always be more affordable than either of those materials for an equal-sized application. All of these traits add up to make water-resistant vinyl flooring an ideal choice for bathrooms, basements, and kitchens.

For Increased Protection Against Moisture, Consider Waterproof Flooring From Empire®

Water-resistant vinyl floors are a great solution for rooms that are usually kept dry and tidy but that still encounter the kind of spills that occur in normal life. But if you’re looking for a vinyl flooring material that can stand up to repeated, extended exposure to condensation or that will have large amounts of water regularly spilled on it, you’d be better served by one of the many waterproof vinyl floor products available from Empire. Contact us today to speak to a flooring professional who will learn more about your home and lifestyle, including what types of water exposure your floors might regularly deal with. We’ll help you decide if water-resistant vinyl flooring is the right choice for your needs, or if you’d be better off upgrading to a flooring material that is fully waterproof.