What is Pattern Carpet?

As is suggested by the name, pattern carpet is a textured carpet characterized by its distinct repeating patterns. However, unlike many other types of carpets or textiles, pattern carpeting designs are created entirely by physically varying the construction of the carpet fibers instead of just using different colored yarns. The result is a design element that can be both seen and felt.

answering what is Pattern Carpet?
  • Often called “cut and loop carpet,” because it uses a combination of both looped and cut fibers to create its patterns
  • A low-pile carpet, so it’s easy to keep clean
  • Eye-catching design adds style and texture to a room without being overwhelming

Why Should You Choose Pattern Carpet?

Pattern carpets are a top choice for rooms that prioritize style, but not at the cost of comfort or practicality. Tile or wood floors are great for formal areas but aren’t always the most foot-friendly flooring. On the other hand, many of today’s most comfortable carpets have a style that skews casual and can be a chore to keep clean in rooms that might see regular spills—areas like a fine dining room that prizes aesthetics but still sees regular visitors.

These are the situations where pattern carpet excels. Pattern carpets are prized for their refined design, which lends an element of sophistication that’s not often found with a more casual carpet. And with a low profile that makes them easier to maintain, patterned carpets are a popular choice for formal rooms that may still be dealt the occasional spill. In short, you should choose a pattern carpet for any area of the home where both form and function are of paramount importance.

Pattern Carpet features

Combining upscale looks in an easy-to-clean, comfortable surface, pattern carpet is an excellent choice for a formal living or dining room.

  • Patterns created by fiber construction instead of color help make pattern carpet easier to integrate into existing interior designs
  • Low-profile design is resistant to crushing, making it a great choice for dining rooms or other spaces where chairs may stay in one spot for long periods of time before being used
  • Some of the best warranties in the industry. Many pattern carpets are covered by limited lifetime warranties against staining

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Pattern Carpet FAQs

Although its easy-to-clean construction makes it seem like a natural choice for pet-friendly households, pattern carpet can actually pose some danger to cats and dogs. The designs that give pattern carpet its name are created by varying cut fibers with looped fibers, and those looped fibers are notorious for snagging pet claws—often causing serious injury. If pets will be spending a significant time in a room, we suggest installing carpet like plush or frieze instead.

“Pattern carpet” is the industry term for the particular type of carpeting that uses varying fiber heights and types to create a repeating design. However, other types of carpet can have patterns printed on them, but not be pattern carpet—the commercial carpet you might see in a hotel hallway, for instance. It can be confusing, but a flooring professional from Empire can more thoroughly answer any questions about pattern carpet or other flooring types.

With our network of flooring warehouses across the country, Empire is able to schedule flooring installations with incredibly short turnaround times. In many cases, we can begin installing new carpet the Next Day after your initial estimate.

Pattern carpets are no more difficult to clean or care for than any other type of carpet. In fact, they are often easier to maintain because they tend to resist staining better than many high-pile carpets. Vacuum regularly and be sure to blot up spills as soon as they occur, just like you would do with other types of carpet, and your pattern carpeting should stay looking great for many years. For extra peace of mind, consider choosing one of the pattern carpets at Empire that includes special stain-resistant treatment.

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Perhaps more than any other major changes to your home, committing to new carpet installation can feel like a huge step to take. Your family will not only be looking at these floors every day, but also standing, walking, and maybe even playing on them. So, floors are something that you should be totally comfortable with, both literally and figuratively. At Empire, we understand the pressure of a decision like this and make it our goal to take away that pressure in every way possible.

The first step to having new carpet installed is, of course, picking out that carpet. Because it’s a textural element, the thing that makes pattern carpet unique—the pattern itself—can be hard to convey through photos alone. When you schedule a no-obligation estimate with Empire, a flooring professional will meet you in your home, on your schedule, with a full assortment of carpet samples that you can touch and compare to each other.

After you’ve decided on a product, the flooring pro will give you an upfront quote that includes the total cost of the new carpet installation—you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees or additional charges tacked on halfway through the job. And when it’s time for your new floors to be installed, the installers will take care of all prep work, including moving your furniture. The flooring installation will be as stress-free as possible, and when it’s done you’ll be left with beautiful, comfortable new carpet floors.

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