You’ll Enjoy the Rugged, Rustic Charm of Birch Hardwood Flooring for Years to Come

Embrace northern charm and whimsy with solid birch hardwood flooring. Birch floors epitomize a classic aesthetic from yesteryear, one that calls to mind stone hearth fires, cozy mornings after a snowfall, and the warmth of a family living space. Typically made from yellow birch trees, birch flooring is considered to have mid-range hardness compared to other popular hardwood materials. This means that it will stand up quite well to the daily traffic of a busy household but will eventually pick up some minor scratches and scuffs. However, with regular care, your birch hardwood floors should last a lifetime.

Birch Flooring’s Dramatic Grain Brings Extra Character to Hardwood Floors

Birch’s golden grain, often intermixed with splashes of red and brown heartwood, make it a sophisticated and desired hardwood flooring option. The wood takes a stain very well—and with a good sanding and refinishing, you can completely change the look of your home. The selection of birch flooring from Empire Today® spans a range of styles, like natural-grain, medium tones, and dark wood hues. The right birch floor will not only complement your particular decor but will also set the tone for the character of your entire home.

If you’re on the fence about birch wood flooring options, let a flooring professional from Empire® help you decide. We take into account your personal style, what kind of traffic your flooring sees regularly, your budget, and anything else that can help us determine whether birch floors would serve you best—or if another material is a better fit. Give us a call or contact us online to schedule your consultation today.