Carpet and Pets

For many homeowners, pets are part of the family. But pet owners often find themselves having to choose between a home that’s decorated for comfort and one that can fully accommodate their four-legged loved ones. Choosing a pet-friendly carpet can alleviate many of the worries that come along with installing carpet in a home that includes cats or dogs. Here are some traits to consider when selecting new carpet for a pet-friendly household. A flooring professional from Empire Today® can help you find a carpet that has some or all of these features.

Most pet-friendly carpets will offer increased stain resistance. This type of carpet makes it more difficult for the common dirt and debris associated with pets to leave a permanent stain. Some carpets add an additional level of stain resistance specifically formulated to withstand pet urine. Look for a carpet designated as having PUP® (Pet Urine Protection) for this benefit. Another feature to look for is carpet that is hypoallergenic or odor-neutralizing. Exclusive to Empire®, HOME Fresh carpet makes it easier to vacuum out dirt, dander, and other allergens common in pet households. And its odor-neutralizing technology helps minimize the scents of any contaminants that do get stuck deep in the fibers.

More Comfortable Carpet for Your Furry Friends

Pet-friendly flooring also takes into account a pet’s safety and comfort. Long-pile carpet fibers form loops that can snag pet claws, causing discomfort or even injury. But choosing a short-loop carpet like Berber or a cut-pile carpet like frieze will help avoid those issues. While the best flooring for dogs will usually be a hard surface like vinyl plank or tile, those don’t provide the level of comfort most want in bedrooms or the family room. For these cases, your best bet is to choose a pet-friendly carpet from Empire.