All-Inclusive Price Estimate

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Know What You're Going to Spend, Upfront

Empire Today® considers everything you need to complete your project and provides you with a simple All-Inclusive Price Estimate.

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What's Included in the Price Estimate?

  • Moving furniture
  • Removal and haul away of old flooring
  • New floors
  • Padding or underlayment
  • Thresholds and trim
  • Professional installation
  • Clean up

No guessing at prices, no hidden fees

Have you ever paid more for something than you expected? It’s painful to know you have to pay for it, even though it’s more than your budget. No one likes to be caught off guard when it comes to prices. It’s always better to accurately know ahead of time how much something will cost.

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Compare for Yourself

Many other flooring retailers try to attract customers with artificially-low “base product pricing.” Then, they expect you to add thousands of dollars later to have your floors installed.

Empire® makes it easy with an All-Inclusive Price Estimate, complete with all the commonly up-charged items required for your floor to be installed. You will know the full project price during your free in-home appointment, upfront, before any installation work begins.

Empire Today Price Estimate Flooring Retailers
Product Cost
Measuring ?
Professional Installation ?
Padding/Underlayment ?
Moving Furniture ?
Haul Away of Old Flooring ?
Thresholds/Transitions ?
Clean Up ?
All-inclusive Price Estimate