Is a Hardwood Floor Right for Your Home?

There’s no doubt that hardwood floors are an amazing way to upgrade the look and atmosphere of your home. Their classic appearance and warm feel are traits that have made hardwood floors a perennial favorite for homes of all types, from century-old Victorian rehabs to today’s hottest new construction projects. But before you start shopping for hardwood floors, it’s important to establish whether they’re truly the best flooring for your needs. Because although the beauty of hardwood flooring is undeniable, those great looks do come along with a few conditions.

Hardwood flooring is not recommended for rooms that will encounter anything more than the occasional accidental exposure to moisture. That means wood floors aren’t a great idea for bathrooms or kitchens. Real wood floors also tend to be more susceptible to scratching than laminate or vinyl floors, especially in homes with large dogs. You can also expect to pay more for hardwood flooring than a synthetic product that offers a similar aesthetic. But if these concerns don’t apply to you, then it’s time to start choosing a hardwood floor.

We Simplify Shopping for Hardwood Floors and Getting Them Installed

Choosing Empire® for your new hardwood installation means that you can skip the most annoying part of shopping for flooring: having to visit store after store to find the right product. Instead, we bring an entire store’s worth of real and engineered hardwood samples right to your home. You can view them next to your vintage wallpaper, under varying types of light, or whatever else you’d like to do to ensure there are no surprises in how your new floors will look.

That surprise-free experience extends to the billing process. Before you commit to your new floors, we’ll give you a price quote that includes a final cost for the entire job, with no hidden fees or surprise upcharges. And once you’ve signed off on that, a team of installers will return as soon as the very Next Day to begin the hardwood installation.