Scratch-Resistant Laminate Flooring Gives You Extra Protection Against Life’s Mishaps

Wood laminate flooring is often chosen over real hardwood floors because it tends to be easier to maintain and more resilient in certain applications. A common trait of laminate flooring is its resistance to scratches and scuffs. While most laminate products are inherently good at standing up to this kind of wear, upgrading to scratch-resistant wood laminate flooring brings another level of protection to your floors.

Is All Laminate Flooring Scratch-Resistant?

By and large, laminate flooring is considered a durable flooring material that can stand up to the wear of a typical household. Even entry-level laminate flooring from Empire Today® will offer some measure of protection against scratches. But scratch-resistant wood laminate goes a step further by using a specially engineered top layer that’s designed to stand up to higher levels of traffic. This protective aluminum oxide finish is totally transparent and does not affect the appearance of the wood grain surface. In fact, it actually enhances the long-term beauty of your flooring by eliminating the need for any regular polishing or waxing. Added benefits of the protective top layer include enhanced resistance against stains as well as increased protection against fading from UV-ray exposure.

Other Ways to Keep Your Floors Scratch-Free

While protective coatings help reduce the likelihood of scuffs and scratches, even the toughest laminate flooring can’t be made to be completely scratchproof. But taking some simple steps can help drastically reduce scratches from the most common sources. One great tactic is to use felt pads on the legs of any chairs that get moved around often, such as those at a desk or dinner table. When relocating any heavy furnishings that are not regularly moved, make sure to use dedicated furniture sliders. And always make sure to remove your shoes, or give them a good wipe on a doormat or boot scraper, before walking inside. Even a durable, scratch-resistant laminate floor can be damaged by an errant pebble stuck in your shoe’s treads.