Slip-Resistant Tile Adds an Extra Level of Safety to Your Home’s Floors

Porcelain and ceramic tile floors are popular choices for bathrooms, basements, and kitchens because of their inherent durability and moisture resistance. It’s practically inevitable that floors in those rooms will be exposed to varying levels of moisture on a regular basis. If you’re planning to have tile installed in a room that encounters frequent wetness, it’s worth considering a tile that offers some level of slip resistance. Slip-resistant tiles from Empire Today® are specially designed to increase traction between your feet and the floor.

During the manufacturing process, most porcelain and ceramic tiles are finished with a glazing procedure that bakes a protective coating onto the surface. The glazed surface is what gives the tile its increased water resistance, as well as its glossy appearance. But that glaze can also make the tile more slippery when wet. Slip-resistant tiles use a special surface texture to add back some “grippiness” to the tiles. This slip-resistant tile surface helps increase traction in both dry and wet situations.

Tile manufacturers can work the slip-resistant surface into their products in a way that doesn’t compromise the look or feel of the tile. In fact, it can often enhance it. Many wood-look and stone-look tiles from Empire® don’t just mimic the appearance of those materials—they often have a surface texture that matches the stone veins or wood grain. By integrating the grip into these designs, slip-resistant tiles offer a realistic feel that also helps increase safety.

Ask The Flooring Pros from Empire Today if Your Bathroom, Kitchen, or Other Room Can Benefit From Slip-Resistant Tile

While it’s impossible to ever guarantee a floor will be truly “non-slip,” the slip-resistant surface available on tiles from Empire will go a long way towards increasing safety for your loved ones. Contact us online or over the phone to speak to a flooring professional today and learn whether slip-resistant tile is the best choice for the floors in your home.