Eliminate Loud Wood Floors with Noise-Reducing Hardwood from Empire Today®

Hardwood floors are prized for many reasons, from their stately looks to the intangible vibe they add to a room. But they can also have a reputation for being a bit too noisy. Of course, you can cover your hardwood floors with rugs and runners, but what’s the point of having beautiful wood floors installed if you can’t see them? A better alternative is to choose one of the noise-reducing hardwood floors available exclusively from Empire®.

How Does Noise-Reducing Hardwood Floor Work?

There are two main factors that work together in Empire’s quiet wood floors. The first is the construction of the hardwood planks themselves. They are made with an engineered wood core that is more stable than regular wood, and have a series of channels cut into the underside of the planks. The second half of the equation is the unique installation process that uses a specialized adhesive which is pre-applied to the planks. These two features work together to minimize noise from creaks and surface traffic, leading to the industry’s quietest wood floors.

What Else Can You Do to Minimize Hardwood Floor Noise?

Whether you opt for noise-reducing hardwood or a traditional product, there are always additional steps you can take to reduce noise on hardwood floors. It’s a good idea to add felt pads to the bottom of table and chair legs to minimize noise when sliding them on the floor (this has the added benefit of keeping your wood floors protected from scratches and scuffs). And oftentimes, it’s not just the wood floor causing noise, but the characteristics of the room that the floor is in. Walk on hardwood in a completely empty room and that’s going to be one noisy hardwood floor. Simple steps like a tapestry on the wall or a decorative wing chair in the corner can cut down on the echoes of wood floor noise.