Roller and Solar Shades

(Fabric Roller Shades)

The clean, modern lines and sophisticated fabric textures of roller shades and solar shades compliment any décor while customizing the amount of sunlight that comes into the home. Choose from a variety of designer-inspired fabric options to allow as much or as little light into the room as you like.

About Roller and Solar Shades (Fabric Roller Shades)

  • Clean lines and designer-inspired fabrics compliment any décor
  • Choose from complete blackout to semi-translucent fabrics filtering fabrics
  • Blocks UV rays, protecting furniture and floors from fading

Sleek Elegant Looks that Provide

Easily control the amount of light and heat that enters the home while adding a flair of modern design to a home’s décor. Fabric roller shades offered by Empire Today® are available in a variety of custom styles and fabrics, each inspired by today’s top designers, providing a timeless look that never goes out of style.

WHY CHOOSE Solar & Roller Shades?

Inspired Sophistication

The combination of uninterrupted lines and designer fabrics and textures create a streamlined look that adds a touch of modern class to any room of the home.

Block the light, Not the View

Choose from a variety of semi-translucent fabrics that maintain the view outside of a window, while helping to keep the home cool in summer months by blocking harmful UV rays and heat.

Blackout Options Available

For bedrooms, media rooms, or anywhere darkness is desired, blackout fabric options completely block out the sunlight and create a dark environment any time of day or night.

<b>INCREASE CHILD AND PET SAFETY</b> While Enhancing the Visual Appeal

INCREASE CHILD AND PET SAFETY While Enhancing the Visual Appeal

Loose hanging cords, like those commonly found on window treatments, may pose a danger to young children and pet. Families with young children, grandchildren, or pets may want to include a cordless control option with their roller shades and solar shades, eliminating any dangers associated with loose hanging cords. Plus, cordless control options add a clean, elegant appearance to roller and solar shades, enhancing the look of any room in the home.

Roller and Solar Shades | Discover the Advantage

What are Roller Shades & Solar Shades?

Solar and roller shades, also known as fabric roller shades, are constructed of a continuous piece of fabric rolled around a barrel, which allows the shade to be compact and offer unobstructed views when raised. Roller shades can be both practical and fashionable. They provide privacy and help control light, and the wide array of fabric options and textures allow you to coordinate your window treatments with almost any décor. The sleek appearance that roller shades provide when lowered have made them a favorite for modern designs, but they also look great layered with drapery for a more traditional look.

Custom Process Just for You

Empire’s mission is to make the roller shade buying process easy. A window treatment professional will visit you at your home, around your schedule, and bring samples of solar and roller shades. This allows you to look at the window treatments in your own home. Measurements will be taken and a free estimate will then be provided.

Installation and High-End Customer Service

A second appointment will be made with a certified installer who will take final measurements and then the solar and roller shades will be custom made just for you. Finally, the installation date will be set and your new window treatments will be installed by a certified professional.