Grand Bridge

Grand Bridge

Nothing beats hardwood. Unless it’s engineered hardwood, of course

Color Harbor
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Enjoy the Beauty and Toughness of Engineered Hardwood

Grand Bridge is a prime example of what the most advanced wood flooring looks like. Let’s start with the unstoppable looks. Each plank is 1/2" thick, 5 inches wide, and sports a lightly handscraped Birch. Plus, there’s nowhere in the home Grand Bridge won’t fit – this hardwood can be installed at any grade (even on stairs). Whether each plank remains floating or glued down – the choice stays with the homeowner. Grand Bridge isn’t all beauty. It’s exceptionally tough as well, coated in Aluminum Oxide to help prevent scratches and stains. This is a perfect choice for areas of the home with more foot traffic than others. Last but not least, Grand Bridge cleans up with no problem. Spills and dirt buildup are not a huge factor with Grand Bridge. Simply clean with a soft bristle broom and vacuum. Less time on maintenance, more time living the good life. That’s what Grand Bridge is best at.

Grand Bridge Harbor Hardwood
  • Incredibly thick 1/2" Birch planks, 5” wide, and light hand-scraped textures add value to any grade (even stairs)
  • Tough, rugged construction with Aluminum Oxide finish helps prevent most scratches and stains, especially in areas with high foot traffic
  • Easy to clean
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