The Most Searched Backyard Games in The U.S.

Most Searched Backyard Games in the U.S. 

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In the warmer months when all you want to do is be outside, one great way to enjoy the weather is to invest in one of the many fun backyard games that are popular in America today. From ring toss to Giant Jenga, backyard games are one of America’s favorite pastimes.

At Empire Today®, working with homeowners is a vital part of what we do. That’s what piqued our interest in discovering which backyard games are the most popular in the United States, and how those games differ by location.

Using Google Trends data, we determined the most searched backyard games in each state and U.S. region, as well as across the nation. Check out our findings below—you might find a game you’ve never heard of before!

The Most Searched for Backyard Game in Every State 

Map showing the most searched backyard game by state

Our research revealed that there is a clear variety when it comes to backyard games. There are some that are inspired by traditional sports, such as Flag Football (most searched in Florida, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island), Badminton (most searched in California and Washington), or Frisbee Golf (most searched in Colorado, Alaska, and Idaho). Then there are the typical backyard games, like Cornhole (most popular in Maine, West Virginia, and Wyoming) and Giant Jenga (most popular in Arizona, Georgia, New York, and Wisconsin).

But what could be the reason for these games’ popularity in different areas? There are multiple potential factors: yard size, weather, and the game’s history are just a few we consider below.

The states with the largest average yard size include Vermont, Montana, and Mississippi. The most popular lawn games in those states are Croquet, Horseshoes, and Ring Toss, respectively. All of those games require a decent amount of green space, so perhaps yard size plays a role in the popularity of certain games.

The warmest summers in the United States occur in Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. Those states searched for Beer Pong, Giant Jenga, and Flag Football the most, respectively. It seems that in Louisiana and Texas, the most popular backyard games require the least amount of movement. In Florida, though, we imagine they are used to the heat.

The Most Searched For Backyard Game in Each U.S. Region 

Map showing the most searched backyard game by region

We were also interested to see what the most popular backyard game is in each U.S. region. Perhaps a game’s popularity for a certain reason has to do with it being invented there. For example, Frisbee Golf is the most popular backyard game in the West. This could be due to the fact that the first Frisbee Golf course, also known as Disc Golf, was designed by inventor Ed Headrick and installed in a California park in the 1970s.

Similarly, the first college Flag Football game occurred between Princeton and Rutgers in the 1860s. These New Jersey schools might have contributed to the games’ overall popularity in the Northeastern region of the United States.

The Most Searched Backyard Games Across the U.S.

Chart depicting the most searched backyard games

According to our summarized findings, other games that top the list of most popular in America include Tug of War, Ladder Toss, Giant Yard Pong, Bocce Ball, and more. One thing is clear—any giant version of a smaller game is sure to be a crowd favorite in your backyard!

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