Which Home Style Matches Each Dog Breed?

If Your Dog Had A House

Recently, we surveyed pet owners on their household practices and compared dog people to cat people on various cleaning and personality habits. Pet ownership is important to us, as it is to our customers, because we know how special the relationship between owner and pet can truly be, and because we know how much it can impact decisions around the house.

However, all this discussion around pet ownership and its connection to flooring had us thinking—if all the home buying and home decoration decisions were up to our pets, what would they choose? What would a golden retriever’s house look like, or a poodle’s, or a pug’s?

Once we started imagining a world where various dog breeds could purchase and design their own dream homes, we simply had to create them. It was just too cute—and so, this blog post was born! We imagined the house style and interior design style of eight dog popular dog breeds.


Corgi – The Tiny Home

A corgi outside of a tiny home

Corgis have seen a rise in popularity in recent years. After all, they are the Queen’s favorite dog! They’re best known for their expressive faces, and of course, their tiny legs—which is why we thought they would fit well into a tiny home, another popular trend throughout the last decade or so.

The corgi’s tiny home fits its size perfectly and has minimal stairs for its little legs to climb. A low-maintenance breed, the corgi would have a simple home and prefers to be close to the outdoors, like in an area of land close to the woods outside of Seattle, WA. Seattle is a perfect place for corgis to enjoy a moderate climate and a community of other tiny home lovers.


Chihuahua – The Mission Revival Home

A chihuahua at a mission revival style home

This iconic little dog breed is named after the Mexican state of Chihuahua, which is why we thought the popular Mission Revival style, with its nods to Spanish architecture, would be the perfect style of home for this dog. The style is also popular in the western United States, where the chihuahua breed has received Hollywood fame in movies like Legally Blonde and Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

For the chihuahua’s house, we focused on the iconic, bright interior colors and low-pitched clay roofs characteristic of the Mission Revival design style. We envisioned this home situated in a community of similar homes in Phoenix, AZ—a retirement spot for this chihuahua who has retired from his career in the movie business.


German Shepherd – The Log Cabin

A German Shepard living at a log cabin

German shepherds are a very intelligent, capable dog breed that like to be put to work. We thought this would translate well to a rugged-type existence where they live off the land in the Adirondacks or in Aspen, Colorado.

Our German shepherd lives in a beautiful log cabin tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Here, they can develop their mental and physical skills and live a cozy existence by the fire with lots of blankets, warm lights, toys, and books to occupy them.


Golden Retriever – The Colonial 

A Golden retriever outside a colonial style home

One of the most popular dog breeds in the United States, golden retrievers bring to mind the typical American suburban existence, which is exactly the type of home we imagined for this breed. Envision this brick colonial house in a suburb of an all-American city, like Chicago or Minneapolis.

The interior of this house is the popular shabby chic design style, with a large island in the kitchen for this social breed to host family and friends for dinner parties. Overall, this home is family-friendly, warm, and inviting—just like the golden retriever—and the over-sized yard allows plenty of room for running and playing.


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel – The Row House 

A cavalier King Charles spaniel and its row style home

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an affectionate, popular dog breed that has been depicted in many 16th to 18th-century paintings. For this reason, we drew on popular 18th-century interior design styles, such as high ceilings and bright front rooms.

We then gave these designs an updated twist by placing them in a modern-day row house, such as those of Charleston, South Carolina, to play on the Cavalier King Charles breed name. This breed is luxurious, very cuddly, and requires the most immaculate interior design, but also has a fun side, leaving its house decorated with fun motifs throughout.


Mixed Breed – The Eclectic Craftsman

Mixed breed dogs outside of their craftsman style home

Of course, many dogs in the United States are of a mixed origin. With the popularity of adopting pets from shelters that are in need of a home, many people end up adopting beloved dogs that are a mix of a few (or many!) different types. So for this house, we thought it was important to emulate an eclectic style, with a combination of many different popular designs, as is the case in many real Americans’ homes today.

The mixed breed’s home is a craftsman-style house, with the interior bustling with a gallery wall, house plants, bright colors, and lots of natural light. We envisioned this house situated outside of San Francisco, CA, a place where many people from different cultures and backgrounds come to live, work, and play. This home would also have ample toys and room for playing, for every type of dog to enjoy.


Poodle – The Classical Revival

A Poodle enjoying its classic revival style home

The poodle is a regal, French dog breed, iconic in popular culture for its haircuts and distinctive coat and face shape. To us, the poodle clearly calls for a French Renaissance style home, probably situated in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the French Quarter, where it enjoys the finer things in life.

This home is plush and pink, especially the poodle’s bedroom, which is the height of luxury. We imagine the dog’s home to be full of luscious linens, fine china, and artwork, not to mention a perfectly manicured lawn and spa-like pool. Overall, we illustrated this home as our interpretation of a traditional style with a very elegant feel.


Pug – The Mid-Century Condo

A pug at its mid century style home

Finally, the pug breed, which originated in China and later spread in popularity throughout Asia, inspired our last home, which is a unique blend of a mid-century modern design style with nods to Asian interior design on the inside of the house. We pictured this home situated in a trendy part of Los Angeles, as pugs are a favorite breed in these areas.

This home has a lot of personality in a small package, just like a pug. While modest, the details are everything when it comes to decor, and of course, the pug doesn’t take himself too seriously and keeps his door open to invite visitors to come on in.

No matter your favorite breed or your interior design style, sometimes pets and interiors don’t mix all that well. But that doesn’t intimidate our flooring professionals at Empire Today—we make it possible for you to have it all. Feel free to make use of our handy blog section on Pets & Kids to determine the best ways to pet-and-kid-proof your flooring, so your home is well-kept from the ground up.

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